About our Staff










Lead Practioner


Time at Plaistow: 30 years. Of that 25 years as lead practitioner / manager.

Qualifications:  NVQ 3 in childcare, ongoing training complying with ofsted.

My experience: After leaving college I worked for two years in residential care, this was caring for physically and mentally handicap children.

I then moved to the south and did private nannying, caring for a mother with MS and two children. This was for two years.
I worked in daycare  for two years and have also been a foster carer

What I love about Plaistow:  Every day here is different which is lovely. I have many favourite things but one is meeting new parents and their children, working along aside each family and watching and seeing the progress in every level of their development over the years they have been with me. All children are fantastic when we do the nativity play, Mother’s Day songs and to watch them all at sports day taking part showing great delight and enjoying what they are doing.

Over the years I have often said I wish I had written a book about the comments the children say to me eg. simple but a tear jerker – you are my best friend Aunty Carol and do you know I love you Aunty Carol!

My favourite hobby: Going on walks to keep fit.









Deputy Manager


Time at Plaistow: Worked at Plaistow Pre-school since 2014

Qualifications: Level 3 diploma in children and young people.

My experiences: Previous experience includes working as a senior child carer working with children with challenging behaviours to safeguard and promote the emotional well being and development of the children/young people living in the home.

What I love  about Plaistow pre-school: The children, staff and parents I have met have been wonderful, everyone is friendly and supportive. My favourite thing is seeing all the children’s smiling faces when teaching the importance of play and sensory play through music, sound and age appropriate activities.

My Favourite hobby: I love to be active, cycling is my favourite hobby.















Jane Wooding


Time at Plaistow Pre-School:  Just over 14 years


What I love about Plaistow: I love spending time with the children and getting to know their individual personalities and watching their little faces light up when they achieve what they set out to dog in craft projects, physical activities and making new friends.


My Favourite hobby: I love walking my dog (Toffee), Toffee enjoyed meeting the children when I took her into school.  She smiled at them and the children laughed watching her excitedly wag her tail.








Elizabeth Wescott    a.k.a Liz


Time at Plaistow Pre-School:  7  years


What I love about Plaistow: I enjoy working closely with Carol and the team and particularly enjoy playing games with the children. Its a joy and great privilege to be able to get to know the children over the two years they spend at school and to be involved in their learning and overall development.

A child who is happy and confident to move on to big school provides enormous job satisfaction.

My Favourite hobby and game: With the children at pre-school I enjoy the more traditional ones: board games, puzzles, singing nursery  rhymes, craft and being outdoors.  At home, my two dogs keep me busy – both walking them, ideally on the beach, and our weekly agility lessons.










Time at Plaistow Pre-School:  30 years


What I love about Plaistow: Plaistow has such a strong warm friendly environment which I am very happy to be associated with

My Favourite hobby : In my free time I enjoy the theatre, arts, culture and history and am a member of Theatre Plus, Vanbrugh Club, Okewood NADFAS,  the Royal Academy, the British Museum, the National Trust and English Heritage and these associations keep me busy throughout the year.

I also enjoy travelling at home and abroad and like to take several holidays every year.